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Brian Hicks PE, RCDD

I love working on a team and incorporating amazing technology into the buildings that I design. Technology helps define the building to its users. The BICSI RCDD (Registered Communications Distribution Designer) certification allows me to stay on the cutting edge of technology. My goal is to provide superior value and service to my clients.

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Josh Oakeson, PE, RCDD
Vice President

I enjoy the unique challenges that each of my projects present. With so much emerging technology today, there is always a way to make my current project more functional, more sustainable and less expensive than the last. My satisfaction comes after meticulously working through a design on paper and then watching as the design comes to life in the field.

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Rich Bradley, LEED AP, LC
Vice President

Most of my working life has been spent in the construction industry in one form or another. Working on the consulting side and seeing a project through from the beginning of design through final construction is something that most do not get a chance to do. When one can drive by a school or some other civic project and know that it will be benefiting the community for many years to come, it provides a real sense of contribution. I truly enjoy working with the entire design and construction team to pull together a project that the owner is proud to claim. Working in an environment of teamwork and commitment makes the work all that much more enjoyable and rewarding.

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Mark Bryant, LC

Each project has a unique signature. We have the opportunity to enhance that through the application of lighting systems. The creative nature of our business allows us to make a connection with the design of the building and the lighting through our design.

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Carol Feldman, LC

I enjoy working with and understanding the personality of each project that I am involved in. Being part of a team that takes an idea to paper and then to construction is exciting and fun. But, most important are the people that I have the opportunity of working with and have been able to get to know and respect.

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Gary Mesker, PE

Over forty years in the industry as a Professional Engineer, Gary Mesker is licensed in several states through¬out the United States. Innovative electrical and lighting designs including on-site renewable energy such as photovoltaic systems, hydro-power, LEED design, net zero designs, award winning lighting, light pollution reduction and commis¬sioning of energy systems.

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Jerry Burnside

Thirty two years experience in design of electrical systems for over 200 schools, K-12, through¬out the Salt Lake Valley, state of Utah and Wyoming. Experienced in design, cost estimating, field investigation work and construc¬tion administration.

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Richard Wardle

Working at BNA throughout the years has allowed me to meet and work with people that I will remember for the rest of my life. I've been able to work on a variety of projects and expand my understanding of how electrical systems interface with the different building types.

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Frank Knaus
Sr. Associate

The thing that I take pleasure in most about this business is the diversity of the projects that I have been able to work on over the years. Each project presents an opportunity to expand my knowledge of this industry and my understanding of my client's businesses. I enjoy the camaraderie of a good design team, as we look at a project's challenges and determine how to meet and hopefully exceed the owner's needs.

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Greg Brenchley, LC
Lighting and Theatrical Design

My background in Theatrical lighting has allowed me to explore lighting in a dramatic way and experiment with how to reveal forms with light.

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Steve Vincent
Project Manager

Seeing a project go from a creative thought to the finished product is always exciting. To participate in that process and to watch all the integral pieces come together is always rewarding and fun.

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Ian Madison
Project Manager

I enjoy being part of a design team that collaborates on a sustainable design that will meet the client's needs for years to come. I love going to the construction site and learning how the design concepts are implemented in the field. But, the best part is years later, when I visit the building and my children ask me what my role was in the building's design.

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Jaime Verhaal, CTS-D
Audiovisual Designer

I love designing Audio Visual solutions for individuals and businesses. I enjoy working with the owner(s) to build a system that is easy to use and will be used day in and day out. I also love helping an owner understand technology and how it can assist them in their endeavors.

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Drayton Bailey, CTS-D, LC, LEED Green Associate
Project Manager

I play a major role in electrical design of projects including planning, designing, and overseeing the construction of a project. I pride myself in being a positive and upbeat individual and enjoy working with others to create a unique and quality product. I enjoy providing the client with fresh thinking about technology and applications.

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Cole Duke, MS, CTS-D
Acoustical Engineer

Cole Duke has extensive experience in acoustic design of all kinds, including multi-family residential, per­formance spaces, K-12 and higher education, worship, office buildings, and hospitality. Innovative acoustic design includes interior noise isolation, exterior noise mitigation, reverberation control, and vibration isola­tion.

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Jesse Robison
Commissioning and Control Systems Integration

Over 15 years of experience as a Controls Systems Integrator, and a holder of Tridium WEB’s Certification for the last 10 years. Jesse specializes in providing specific information and installation documentation required for a proper installation. He develops the software to control the Building Automation System as well as the graphical interface to be used by the end user. Jesse also specializes in reviewing mechanical design documentation including drawings, specifications and sequence of operations to develop a Building Automation Control System that will effectively meet requirements of job documentation.

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Kyle Kluge
Field Coordination and Electrical Estimating

Kyle has an experienced level of understanding concerning electrical installation periods, electrical labor rates, electrical material costs and labor hour units per the NECA standards. Over 18 years of field experience including 10 years as electrical superintendent.

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