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BNA Consulting offers building commissioning for new buildings as a quality assurance process to verify and document that building systems function as designed and meet the operational needs of the owner and building users. Commissioned buildings are more likely to perform as intended and avoid operational problems as poorly performing buildings inherently have high costs. A building that is not commissioned will cost 8 to 20 percent more to operate than a commissioned building and on average, the cost of performing commissioning is paid back in less than 5 years from energy savings alone. Informed building owners recognize that a high performance building is a key element for business success. It gives them a competitive advantage. Offices for our commissioning team include Salt Lake City and St. George Utah.

Benefits from commissioning include:
• Smoother construction process from improved communication, fewer change orders, and avoided litigation
• Reduced operation and maintenance costs
• Lower energy costs through improved energy efficiency
• Satisfied building occupants and tenants through improved indoor air quality and thermal comfort

BNA Commissioning Services
Electrical System Commissioning
Lighting System Commissioning
Lighting Control System Commissioning
Mechanical System Commissioning
Building Management System (BMS) Commissioning
Plumbing System Commissioning
Fire Protection System Commissioning
Fire Alarm System Commissioning
Security System Commissioning
Audiovisual Commissioning
Sound System Commissioning
Data & Telecommunications (ICS) Commissioning
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