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Effective lighting design, when created with passion and expertise, separates the ordinary from the extraordinary. At BNA, our lighting solutions compliment and enhance the architecture. They create mood and pacing, and guide people through the space in a way that is congruent with the building's use. Our certified lighting designers offer professional, thorough, highly creative lighting design that will be perfectly suited to your project.

BNA Lighting Design Services
• Lighting Layout and Design
• Interior and Exterior Lighting
• Exterior Landscape Lighting
• Revit - Building Information Modeling
• Light Fixture Specifications
• Lamp and Ballast Specifications
• Lighting Control Design and Specifications
• Custom Fixture Design
• Daylight Harvesting and Controls
• Theatrical Lighting Design
• Stage Lighting and Rigging Design
• Computer 3D Modeling
• Lighting Energy and Audits
• Lighting Mock-ups
• Final Commissioning including Control Testing, Final Focus, and Aiming
• Energy Efficiency, Sustainability and Maintainability
• LEED Certified
• Investigation of Local Ordinances and Regulations Affecting Lighting Design
• Lighting Point by Point Calculations
• Dimming Systems
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